1. How can you join the Mayors-app?
    If you are an active mayor or an expert on urban issues you can send a request to the Secratariat: gpm@denhaag.nl.
  2. What email adresses do you use for the accounts?
    The email adresses registred with the Secretariat of the Global Parliament of Mayors are to be connected to the mayors (or their representatives).
  3. Can you have more than one account per city?
    No, there is only one account per city.
  4. Can multiple users contribute with one account?
    Yes, multiple users can use one account at the same time but they have only one vote in an survey.
  5. Are your contributions anonymous?
    In principle all contributions are personalized and shared with other GPM-members but sometimes surveys can be anonymous and decisions are always anonymous.
  6. How can you setup a group
    You can send a request for the setup of a group to the Secratariat: gpm@denhaag.nl.
  7. Who decides who can join a group?
    The moderator of a group decides who can join that group.
  8. Who can see your contribution in a group?
    The content of a group is only available for group members and the moderators of the Mayors-app.