1. How can I join the Virtual Platform?Upon formalisation of  membership, Mayors will receive an invitation to join the Virtual Platform from the GPM Secretariat. This invitation contains the necessary link and information to log in to the Virtual Platform. Should you need assistance requesting an account or have difficulties logging in, please contact the GPM Secretariat gpm@denhaag.nl
  2. Is it possible to have more than one account per city/mayor?
    No, there is only one account per city.
  3. Is it possible for multiple users to enter the Virtual Platform with one account?
    Yes, multiple users can access the same account and it is possible to log in simultaneously . This can be done by sharing the log in information (username and password) with your staff/colleagues. Keep in mind that it is not possible to vote multiple times with the same account ; each user is authorised to vote once per decision-making poll.
  4. Are your contributions anonymous?
    In general, contributions are not anonymous and shared with other GPM Members on the platform. It is possible to create anonymous decision-making and in that case the votes are anonymous.. 
  5. How can I become a member of a certain group?
    There are various groups on the Virtual Platform. All Members are invited to join the ‘GPM Mayors’ group, granting you access to your fellow GPM Mayors and colleagues as well as the ability to vote on all GPM-related matters. Furthermore the Executive Committee and Advisory Committee have their own group on the platform. Should you feel that you are not included in the appropriate group, feel free to contact the GPM Secretariat: gpm@denhaag.nl