The privacy of the users and the safety and integrity of the data are essential for the MAYORS-APP app.


  • MAYORS-APP is exclusively accessible for members. You can find all members in this list.
  • MAYORS-APP only uses your data for the purpose of communicating with other members and the achievement of common goals with the other members.
  • If a discussion or survey is not anonymous or if your location is plotted you will always get a notice in advance.
  • You can always check who is the organiser of a survey or discussion.
  • Profile Content is information about a member that is contributed by that memeber or inferred about a member by her or his activity. Profile Content includes, but is not limited to, display names, roles and city, and other user generated content found on a member's profile such as Biography content.
  • If there is any breach of data you will be notified immediately.
  • MAYORS-APP is under survey of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


  • MAYORS-APP uses Secure Socket Layer to connect with the internet.
  • MAYORS-APP passwords are only known by the users themselves.
  • There is independent board for surveying security.
  • We host data securely, encrypted and spread over servers in countries with high data privacy protection.


  • Manupulation of computers is a threat that is always possible. Be aware of this risk. If you want to vote through MAYORS-APP make sure that you take every step neccessay to secure the vote.
  • Other parties are actively invited to inspect the security on all aspects of MAYORS-APP.
  • All data storage has a daily back-up.
  • Server uptime is 99,95%